Where to find my order status and tracking number?

You can find your order status on the My Account page.  If your order is expedited, click the "car icon", then you can see the tracking number.

Or you can click the "View" button to see your order details.


Bulk Discount Rule

Bulk discount is applied to tea products (teaware, tool and accessories are not included).

Bulk Quantity

per each tea item

5-9 packs

10-14 packs

15-19 packs

over 20 packs

Bulk Discount 

5% off

10% off

 15% off



  • Bulk discount rule is applied to each tea item. Our E-shop system automatically generates bulk discounts based on each tea item's quantity on the cart page.
  • A coupon is not applicable to bulk discounts and on-sale items.  We suggest that you can compare which deal is better for you, then decide whether to use coupon or not.
  • Bulk order will be shipped to one address in one lot only. 
  • Combined shipment for bulk quantity: please contact us for detail.

How to get the coupons?

  • You are welcome to send us your "Happy Client Testimonial" via the contact page if you buy our products.  We will send you a coupon as a reward.

How to use the coupon?

Simply enter your "coupon code" on the cart page

or on the checkout page before you fill in your shipping address.

Note: Coupons are not applicable for sale items and bulk discount items.



Estimated shipping time ?

Your shipment will be delivered via Registered Airmail Parcel/Packet.

Below are the estimated delivery times for your reference:

 Estimated Shipping Days

5-15 days
7-15 days
7-20 days
10-20 days









Australia / New Zealand


Russia / East Europe


Central / South  America


Middle East


note: As the estimated delivery time is quoted by the carriers, there may be a few days delay due to the destination country's Customs inspection, severe weather conditions or rush seasons ( e.g. Christmas, New Year) .


How can I subscribe to the newsletter?

Three ways to subscribe to our newsletter:

1. You can click Sign-up for newsletter by entering your email address and then clicking the "subscribe" button.

2. You can subscribe to the newsletter when you see the checkout page for your final order.  Simply checkmark (v) the line before the "Your order" column.

3. Or when you leave a review comment for the product, you can sign up for the newsletter.

You will then receive an automated email reply in a few minutes. Please remember to click the "confirmation" button on your email to finish your subscription.


Shipping Methods and Freight Costs

  • Your order will be shipped via Registered Airmail Parcel / Packet / SAL (SAL used for USA and Canada only).
  • The freight cost is automatically quoted as a flat rate worldwide and combined shipment discount is already calculated into the flat rate.  So you do not need to ask for a combined freight cost at the checkout.
  • If you have a bulk order for several kilos or need to separate your order into several shipments (for different shipping addresses or plan different shipping schedules), please contact us for freight costs before you proceed at the checkout.
  • If you need an express delivery service, please contact us for EMS freight costs before checkout.

Order processing time ?

Once you complete your payment, we will expedite  your order out within 1 business day (weekends and festival days not included). Tracking number will be provided by email on the same day.

Once you complete your payment, we will expedite your order within 1 business day (weekends and festival days not included). Tracking number will be provided on the same day.  You can find the tracking number on the My Account page.

Payment via PayPal

To secure safe transactions, we accept payments via PayPal only.   Customers can use PayPal's credit card option to proceed with their payments without revealing the banking information to our company.

After you checkout your order and fill in your shipping address, you will be led to the PayPal page where you simply need to enter your PayPal email account.

If you don't have a PayPal account, you can start one.  To know more about PayPal information, please refer to the PayPal official website  www.paypal.com.

If there are any questions before proceeding with your payment, please feel free to leave us a message on our contact page.



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