Premium BLACK OOLONG * High Mt. Kong-Fu Cha


This Black Oolong certainly did not steal its name : the big, even-sized pellets are intensely dark from leaf to twig, and turn into a solid, jet black hue when soaked. You’d expect the tea to be a shade darker than the one you get from a standard red tea, but the liquor is light gold and crystal clear. From the cup there steams a heady, rich perfume of chocolate and smoked wood. But in taste, this is still a pure bred oolong : smokey sweet with a mildly brisk aftertaste and a little bite at the side of the tongue as a memento of the heavy roast.

High Mountain Black Oolong is a full-bodied tea that targets any aficionado with a little sense of adventure, and is and emblem of the creativity inherent to the Taiwanese tea craft.

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Product Description

  • Full leaves (Hand-plucked)
  • Light-fermented
  • Heavy Roast

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