< Winter Excellence Award - Dongding Jade Oolong > 300g (without box)


   The dark roast of this Jade Oolong is the hallmark of Nantou country, resulting in a heavier taste pattern than the regular high-mountain oolong. The leaves, tightly rolled and fired to a brownish hue, unfurl into small, brittle leaves with hardly any twig. Roast is this tea’s dominant trait, steaming off the gold-colored liquor and flowing into your mouth as you sip from the cup.

    It’s this sense of roast that lodges at the back of your throat, heavy and voluptuously sweet, yet all the while leaving a clear sense of leaf intact. As with any high-grade dongding, the balance between roast and terroir is a subtle one, and certainly no mean feat. Despite the roast, this jade oolong only hints toward an aged tea: it is much more subtle, and much more brisk. Sweet as ripe pear and laced with a touch of hazelnut that offsets the greener elements, this Jade oolong is a well-deserved competition-quality tea, and an instant classic.

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Product Description

  • Roasting: 30%~40%
  • Origin: Nantou, Taiwan
  • Taste: Smooth, floral, fruity
  • Weight: 300g (10.58oz)

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