< Excellence Award - Winter - Dongding Sijichun Oolong > 300g


     This excellent prized Sijichun depends on its roast as much as its terroir. Much care has been given to cure the leaves, resulting in extremely small and tightly rolled balls, with just an occasional twig here and there. Its perfume is a peculiar mix of roasted sweetness, heavy and intense, almost pastry-like, and green notes that resemble the typical body of a Tie Kuan Yin tea, giving the whole a somewhat metallic feel.

     The sweetness of the roast is the first to reveal itself in terms of taste, allowing for some floral notes to spring up as you empty your cup. The tea’s original terroir is in there as well, though, resulting in a delicate balance between roast and a soft green freshness, without overt briskness, let alone astringency.

     This Sijichun washes down almost too easily, leaving a silky feel on the tongue and a subdued yet complex taste that combines the best of nature’s care and man’s expertise. In a word: heavenly.

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Product Description

  • Roasting: 30%~40%
  • Origin: Nantou, Taiwan
  • Weight: 300g (10.58 oz)

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