Premium Taiwan Organic Gui-Fei Oolong ~ Honey Fragrance 150g


    The small, brownish pellets of Gui-Fei Oolong yield an unusually lush perfume when you start brewing. As the leaves unfurl into an autumnal bouquet of red, brown and green, a solid, roast sweetness fills the air that cools down to a subtle, yet lingering scent of moist black earth.

     A peculiarity of this tea is its locale. The sweetness of it rests on the middle and the back of your tongue, while the subtler notes of earth and leaf stay at the side.

     The taste of this tea stays basically the same. Brew after brew yields the same heavy sweetness while the leafiness around it slowly disappears.  It’s the perfect spell against a rainy day.


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Product Description

Premium Taiwan Organic Gui-Fei Oolong

Hand-Plucked full leaves

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