High Grade Jade Mountain (Yushan) Oolong 75g


     Yushan (Jade Mountain) is the highest mountain in Taiwan, and one of the most remote wilderness regions. Yushan is known for crisp clean air and abundant mist, which is the perfect environment for growing tea. Yushan produces highly reputed oolong known for its rich crisp flavor.

     This tea is rolled into nice big pellets that show off the full stem, producing an infusion that is exceptionally smooth, soft, and balanced. The aroma is full of complex ethereal floral notes that shift from start to finish. It has a wonderfully balanced and crisp fruity taste that sets it apart from other oolongs of this type.

     Going down this tea leaves and exceptionally long lasting vegetal, fruity, and sweet aftertaste that continues to shift well after it’s gone. A light roasting brings out lemony and nuanced spicy notes that draw it all together.

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Product Description

  • Origin: Yushan, Taiwan
  • Style: 10% Roast 
  • (Hand-picked full leaves)
  • Aroma: floral, vegetable
  • Taste: long lasting after taste
  • Weight: 75g in vacuum pack

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