High Grade Taiwan < Lushan Oolong > 75g


     The liquor of the high grade Lushan is graced with a beautiful alpine paleness, light yet fervently green for an oolong tea. The first cups breathe a fresh perfume of mineral and walnut. Going down, however, the Lushan shows zero briskness. Instead, a slightly peppery feel draws your attention to its taste, which evolves from harder notes of nut and mineral to a more summer like feel of violet and blueberry throughout the various brews, and you will get a lot of brews.

     This tea invites you to indulge in its complexity. Eloquent and playful, powerful yet modest, every cup is a small reward for any attentive tea drinker.


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Product Description

  • Oxidation: Light
  • Roasting: Light (10%)
  • Origin: Lushan廬山, Taiwan
  • Hand-plucked tea leaves
  • Weight: 75g in vacuum pack

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