High Grade High Mt. Lishan Hua-Gung Oolong


Thickly rolled, this Hua-Gung’s leaves are interlaced with thick, green twigs, giving off an mint-fresh odor as soon as the water hits them. Its predominantly green scent is offset by a slightly nutty aroma. The clear, light brew is sweet throughout, offering faint mountain briskness mixed with a tinge of hazelnut blossom and traces of jasmine. It’s like watching snowy peaks in the distance while standing in a moist springtime meadow. Brew it a little stronger if you want the floral aspects to take the lead.

Several brews onwards, the taste shifts toward greener tones. The jasmine stays in but the tea’s body becomes greener and fresher, losing some of the sweetness in favor of a lingering mountain briskness – though without any astringency or salty aspects to it. A top-notch tea, without a doubt.

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Product Description

Oxidation: Light 

Origin: (梨山華岡) Hua Gung area , Lishan, Taiwan

Aroma: floral

Taste: long lasting after taste

Weight: 75g in vacuum pack

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