High Grade Lishan Oolong from Qing-Jin Farm 75g


     The Qing Jing Farm, surrounded by mountain meadows, produces an oolong tea that bears a remarkably close resemblance to the better brand of white tea, or even some classes of Ti Kuan Yin. And yet, it has a style of its own.

     There is not a trace of the typical ‘grassiness’ of pure green teas. Instead, soft strokes of spring vegetable mix in with a delicate sweetness which is much more fragile than commonly the case in oolong teas. A tinge of orchid give the tea an extra dimension, turning it into a very light sensation overall.

     Honest yet deceptive in its simplicity, this is a highly enjoyable and refreshing tea that stands out from other oolongs the more and more you brew it.

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Product Description

  • Oxidation: Light
  • Roasting: Light (10%)
  • Origin: Qing-Jin 清靜 Farm area, Lishan, Taiwan
  • Altitude of plantation: Around 1800meters
  • Hand-picked tea leaves
  • Weight: 75g in vacuum pack

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