Top Grade Mid-Roasted Oolong Gaoshan Cha 150g


     Featuring darkly green and robust pellets that carry a lot of twig, this tea did not steal its name. The mid-roast high mountain is a generous tea that doesn’t need much steeping time, but allows it nonetheless.

     Lighter brews yield a liquor that is close to any ordinary oolong, and proffer a perfume and taste that is rank with a roast bite, mixing ember and sweet green into a profound blend of chocolate and orange blossom.

     Increase the steeping time for an amber brew that is much more sensuous, giving the liquor a superb and voluptuous richness that stays in the same range, but is combined with the hallmarks of a heavily roasted tea: a sugary feel, a bit more earth instead of wood, yet light on the whole and without the slightest hint of astringency.

     Combining the best of both worlds, the Mid-Roast High Mountain tea is a sensuous balancing act between leaf and earth, fire and freshness. Highly recommended.

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Product Description

Oxidation: Light fermented (20%)
Hand-Plucked tea leaves

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