Taiwan High Grade < Wuling Oolong > 75g


     The yearly cycle at Wuling has left its mark on this tea. Grown at an altitude of 1,800 meters, close to both pine forests and fruit orchards, this Wuling Oolong combines a fruity sweetness with a mineral freshness.

      The tightly rolled leaves unfurl into a lush bouquet of long branches and sets of two leaves and a bud, leaves that show a light and careful roasting.

      Though its perfume is predominantly sweet throughout and only hints toward heavier tones once cooled, its taste is voluptuous and wildly balanced. Each sip starts with a slight floral accent that immediately yields toward the main palate of brisk mountain freshness and a dominant but refined sweetness. Light roasting gives the tea a mellow fruity touch reminiscent of nectarine.

      The capricious interlacing of contrasting aroma’s turns this tea into a delightful tightrope dance between spring and autumn. It is a superior tea, altogether, combining the best that Taiwanese tea has to offer.

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Product Description

  • Oxidation: Light 
  • Roasting: Light (10%)
  • Origin: Wuling 武陵, Taichung, Taiwan 
  • Altitude of plantation: Around 1800meters 
  • Hand-picked tea leaves
  • Aroma: Fruity
  • Taste: Smooth, floral

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